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Whether you are looking for an excursion full of adventure or a relaxing getaway, we can help you find and book a vacation that is ideal for you.

At Dream Caribbean Travel, we are dedicated to helping you find the trip of your dreams at the lowest possible price. Choose from an array of affordable, tropical and romantic destinations.

Do you want to snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean? How about learning how to surf in Hawaii? Maybe you don’t even care where you go as long as there is sun and sand! We’re here to tell you to dream big. With a wide variety of breathtaking destinations to choose from, we’re confident that we will be able to find you the vacation of your dreams!

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Travel to the islands of the Caribbean and immerse yourself in what can only be described as paradise. Sink your toes in the sugar white beaches of Jamaica, or discover the natural beauty of a Puerto Rico rain forest. Whether you are looking to plan a trip for the entire family or an adult only vacation, each stunning destination in the Caribbean offers its own unique scenery and culture for you to explore. View our travel blog for inspiration or contact us to help you pick out the ideal destination for your next trip!


Experience the magnificence of Mexico. With vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and activities for all ages, Mexico is a favorite vacation spot for many. Featuring some of the world’s most incredible all-inclusive resorts, you can forget about the hassle of planning out every meal and instead simply relax and enjoy. Some popular Mexico destinations include: Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Ixtapa, and Acapulco. View our Mexico destination page to learn more.



A tropical oasis is a place that many people dream of one day visiting. With unmatched beauty and luxurious resorts, an island paradise is the perfect destination for your dream vacation. Where else can you take a helicopter ride over an active volcano, and spend the evening relaxing in an over water bungalow or witness rarely seen species of plants and animals? Each island features their own distinctive atmosphere and charm, leaving the option for island-hopping, in certain areas, a definite possibility. Learn more about planning your next island vacation here.

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With stunning scenery, paths through history, exquisite food and diverse cultures, visiting Europe is on many travelers’ bucket lists. Europe is home to so many countries which have something for every type of explorer.  Whether you search out the brilliant artistry of Florence, breathtaking coast and iconic blue topped churches of Greece, the opulent architecture of Barcelona or dramatic scenery of Norway, the grand experiences of Europe never stop.

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There is one thing that matters more than the destination: the person you are experiencing it with. We understand the importance of getting away and spending time with your significant other, and are dedicated to helping you plan the ultimate romantic getaway. Whether you are taking a trip to celebrate a milestone in your relationship or simply looking to get away from everyday life, Dream Caribbean Travel offers our clients trips to some of the most romantic destinations in the world.

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