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How Using A Travel Agent
Equals A Better Vacation

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“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.”
-Wallace Stevens

How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation

I have known travel consultants, have used travel consultants for my travels and then became a professional travel consultant myself so, I have been on all sides of the equation.

In this article I’m going to explain what Travel Consultants or Travel Agents do for you and why so many utilize their expertise as well as answer one main question…

Everything for travel!

How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation

Do I have to pay for a travel agent?

Don’t I have to pay for the services of a travel agent?

Now, that all depends on the agent/agency.  They will let you know if there is a fee upfront.  Some travel consultants will charge an upfront fee and this tends to be in line with their experience as well as what the travel consultant offers. 

You may find travel agents that just give you quotes and book while others actually work hard to keep up with changing restrictions, familiarizing themselves with the destinations, resorts and activities with in their specific niche as well as being there for their clients from start to finish.  Ever heard of, “you get what you pay for”?  Same thing goes for your travel consultant.

Travel agency's fees may depend on the following...

1. Group Size

  • A larger group size means the more time the agent spends on the reservation.

2. Destination

  • Some destinations, let’s use domestic, within the states, for an example.  Travel agents don’t get compensated very much in the first place but domestic partners compensate very little and flights, almost nonexistent.  Travel consultants still put in time and work hard for their clients wishing for domestic travel so they will most likely need to charge a fee.
  • Other destinations involve more itinerary planning such as multiple location changes, rental cars, train schedules, tours and so on.

3. Destination Wedding or Vow Renewal

  • If a vacation has a lot of moving, integrate parts such as with a Destination Wedding or Vow Renewal planning, travel professionals most likely charge a fee because these take much more time to attain perfection.
  • When you are planning a Destination Wedding, you are most likely going to use your travel agent much more.  Utilizing a travel professional is much cheaper than a wedding planner, by the way. I know this because…
  1. ) I have had the pleasure of help plan and book 7 destination weddings and they were so beautiful.  They made me want to renew my vows. 
  2. ) I had a Destination Wedding myself and am so glad I did.  I am a sun and sand kind of girl.

Depending on what you are wanting from not only your vacation but your overall experience is as to if you want an accomplished and dedicated travel consultant or simply a human search engine.

Everything for travel!

How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation

What's a vendor?

A vendor is any company you book travel through.  Examples of these are any large search engine such as Expedia, Trip Advisor, Apple and even the hotels, airlines and adventures you book.  Now, what a travel agent does is make connections with certain vendors, negotiating costs and fees.

When someone books on one of these vendor sites without utilizing a travel agent, these vendors pocket what they would pay out to your travel consultant.

It is not a secret that you are going to get better help from a personable agent than a large company that you booked from online.

Stop helping the rich corporations get richer from your travels. Stand up for the little guys, or in my case girl (smiles) and start booking with a knowledgeable travel agent.

Do travel agents specialize?

Do Travel Agents Specialize in particular areas or sell anything?  What should I look for?

Travel Consultants usually have a niche or a specialty such as European Vacations, Australia interests or mine which is the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico.  This allows the agent to become extremely knowledgeable of the destinations within their niche.

I’m not saying you can’t utilize one travel agent for everything because once you get used to an agent, it is hard to use another one.  Or at least that is how I felt back before I became a Travel Agent myself.

If this ends up being the case, that your favorite travel agent doesn’t feel he/she can’t adequately help you in regards to a certain location because it is out of the realm of their expertise, they will let you know and most likely, find someone they trust, who is well versed in the destination you are inquiring about.

Travel agents and their clients tend to become close, if you travel a lot.  I actually met, who is now my best friend, from booking her vacations years ago.  I think agents and their clients get close because they get to know each other so well.

That is another reason to utilize a travel consultant such as myself because with every booking, the agent gets to knows more about what you and your travel companions are looking for as well as personalities for tour add-ons.

  • Choosing a Destination

    I base my destination discussion on locations my clients are interested in or may be in the future.

  • Resort Research & Appointments

    Research and make appointments with as many resorts as I can so I am able to photograph the resort grounds as well as check out their room categories and extras they offer.  Just because the resort claims to be a 5 star, and have pretty professional pictures, doesn’t always mean it is.

  • Excursion Research & Appointments

    I make appointments with as many tours I can so I’m able to experience them and better book the ones that are worth the money and time spent on your vacation, depending on your personality type.

The reason I do this is, I find it easier to help my clients if I have more first-hand knowledge.  Of course, this can’t always be because I can’t travel 24/7 no matter how bad I wish I could.

Everything for travel!

How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation

How much time can a travel agent save me?

Imagine how well you know your job, hopefully pretty well.  Now, imagine having someone knowing travel inside and out helping you with your vacation.

Ask yourself the following “How” questions…

  • Time Spent Researching

    How much time do you spend on researching different vacation spots?

  • Activities

    How much time do you spend researching different activities for the unique personalities in your travel group?

  • Resorts

    How many hotels or resorts do you look up for the best one that also fits your budget?

  • Transfers

    How many hours did you research for transportation for your vacation destination and do you even need it?

  • Trip protection

    How does trip protection work and do I need it?

  • Travel Restrictions

    How much time is it going to take you to figure out all of the restrictions in place at your chosen destination and keep up with any changes?

Then Ask yourself... How much time can you save by using a knowledgeable Travel Agent?
Everything for travel!

How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation

As I mentioned above, my specialty or niche is the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii because I’m a sun and sand kind of girl. Hence, the name of my agency, Dream Caribbean Travel.  Plus, since I LOVE the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii locations, it makes it easy to LOVE what I do.

I would have to say the hardest part of my job, now that I’ve been doing it for a while, is I get so excited when my client’s travel dates get near, wishing I was about to board an airplane for paradise as well.

I want to help everyone make vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

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