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You Have Landed At The Cancun Airport

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You Have Landed At The Cancun Airport

Yeah! You have been counting down the days and now your Mexico Vacation is about to begin.

So, you have finally landed at Cancun International Airport. Now what?

In this article you will find out what to do and what you can expect, from the time you land at Cancun International Airport all the way through to finding you transportation outside. I hope you find this helpful.

*Hint: The best way to make sure you have the best Mexico Vacation is to utilize a Travel Agent.

Life is short. Book the Flight.

You Have Landed At The Cancun Airport

What Do I Do After I Land In Cancun?

Once you land in Cancun and start to exit the plane, someone will be there to make sure your paper work, FMM Card and Family Customs Paper, is filled out properly and then you’ll walk through a corridor and down an escalator. There, you will be met with the immigration lines. 4 lines in total but make sure you are in the lines for tourists. When I last visited, 3 out of the 4 lines were dedicated to tourists.

The Official Entry Card (FMM), one of the documents spoken about above, can be found on line at the link below or they can be filled out at the airport. Flight attendants hand out what they have but sometimes they run out. If they do run out, don’t fret because you can also fill them out once you land in Cancun.

*They will charge you to fill this out on line but it is free to fill it out at the airport.


Life is short. Book the Flight.

You Have Landed At The Cancun Airport

How Long Does It Take To Get Through Immigration?

To that question, sadly I have to answer with, it depends.  I’ve been and made it through in as little as 15 minutes and other times it’s taken up to 45 minutes to get through.  Just try to keep the picture of the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean in your head. 

When you get to the front, have your paperwork and passport ready.  They will stamp your passport and give you a perforated portion of you FMM document.  This is your Mexican travel visa.  DO NOT LOSE THIS since you will need this to board your flight back home.

Once you have made it through immigration, you will walk through the large mall like custom free shopping area.  Keep going, you will have time for shopping later.

Next, you have made it to multiple baggage claim terminals.  They used to only have the belts numbered overhead and you would have to just walk around and look for your luggage but they have upgraded it since. 

All you need to do is look for your flight and wa-lah, it is done.  If it has taken you a while to get through immigration, your luggage may already be lined up next to your terminal.

Now, You Will Go Through Customs

So, you have made it through figuring out all of your documentation, immigration and have retrieved your luggage.  Now, with your family form, the one you filled out 1 per family and luggage you come to more lines but this one is quick. 

You will be asked to push a button for a random check.  If it turns green, you’re free to go on your way.  If it turns red, you’ll place your luggage on top of a steel table and they just do a quick check.

WooHoo! You're Almost Through The Cancun Airport


You are now on the home stretch of the Cancun Airport.

Since you have completed customs, now you can walk through the automatic glass doors. 

This last corridor you will travel through to get to the outside is packed with taxi, money exchange services and tour operators.  Keep looking straight ahead or you will be sucked into a vacation timeshare presentation.  Don’t delay your vacation with this unless you are really wanting a time share but I personally think it’s a little iffy.

Outside is where you will find your transportation.  Depending on what transportation you or your travel agent has booked they will either be holding up your name or resort or transfer operator. 

If you are not sure, walk across the street (just a small parking drive-thru) where the majority of the transfers are located and they will help you out.

Being in your transfer, finally, you are on your way to your vacation destination.

Enjoy, be safe and have fun on your Mexico Vacation.

For health and safety questions, check out Health and Safety in Mexico.

Life is short. Book the Flight.

You Have Landed At The Cancun Airport

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Know Before You Go

  • Individual shops and eateries have their own set hours of operation.
  • Some visitors do caution that street vendors can be aggressive trying to sell their goods along the avenue as in vying very hard for your attention. I have found that if you just ignore them and keep your eyes straight ahead, they will leave you alone. Problem solved.
  • Is Mexico Safe? Check out Health & Safety While in Mexico.
  • Many people have questions regarding currency. Most all restaurants, clubs and shops accept USD (United States Dollars). For more information in respect to currency questions while in Mexico; I have covered this in The Mexican Caribbean or Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Caring About Your Travels

*Don’t forget to reach out to your Travel Agent to book your next adventure.

Never utilized a travel agent before? Check out How Utilizing A Travel Agent Equals A Better Vacation.



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